About. The. Team.

Varejao is mostly a groupchat but also is a New York City comedy team that lives on the freaking edge, baby. When they're not boiling up content they're either lifting weights or getting smarter at the library. Varejao's members include Ben Stanton, Max Knoblauch, Bob Vulfov, Sam Naismith, and Dan Lee. Mac Naismith directs and shoots sketches for the team. 

The members of Varejao have had work featured in The New Yorker, McSweeney's, Mashable, Funny or Die, Netflix, College Humor and more (and more meaning Playboy). They have done shows at comedy festivals around the country* (*no further west than Texas out of principle). Members perform weekly at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater as well as other various theaters and bars in NYC.  

Max Knoblauch

Dan Lee

Sam Naismith

Adrian Frimpong

Ben Stanton

Bob Vulfov

Ryan Creamer

Mac Naismith

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